US firm Symantec is a global leader in cyber security software. This speculative project for extending its European headquarters explores the concept of wrapping the existing building in a sinuous membrane supported by a timber structure.

Enlarging the building in this way creates new spaces both around and within it. The modular flexibility of the lightweight membrane can define and enclose areas for many different kinds of functions, for instance, communal dining, breakout and socialising spaces.

Economical to construct, the fluidly contoured addition counterpoints the existing orthogonal volume, expressing a compelling new architectural and corporate identity. [By Catherine Slessor*]

Contract Value £ 6.5M

Location Maidstone, England

Client Kenmore Property Group Ltd

Date 2008

Area 30,000m²

Design Team Paul McAneary Architects

Design Service

Main Contractor N/A

Sub Contractor