Multi-Denominational Wedding Pavilion

Wedding Pavilion

London is the most diverse metropolis in the world. And within its youthful social strata of different cultures and faiths, there is a growing demand for wedding venues. Initially commissioned by a hotel group to design a standard wedding venue, Paul McAneary Architects subsequently developed the concept of a neutral, flexible, non-denominational space that could be consecrated and used by different faiths.

Neither adorned with specific religious symbolism, nor descended from existing typologies, this new building type required a sensitive understanding of theological precedent. Lucid geometry and elegant materials conjure an atmosphere of solemnity and tranquility that transcends time, faith and place.

The sequence of spaces is carefully contrived to create an evocative setting for the rituals of matrimony. The wedding party enters through two separate, symmetrical doors into a circular amphitheatre, where the couple take centre stage. Connoting the concept of marriage as a public statement, the archetypal form of the amphitheatre also expresses the sanctity of the couple’s relationship. Guests are seated opposite one another, emphasising the wider union of families and communities. Following the ceremony, guests depart through a single door, physically and symbolically united as a group.

Materials, light and water choreograph a sense of intimacy and sanctity. An oculous projects a ray of light upon the central stage and a shallow reflecting pool surrounds the venue, discreetly separating it from the wider world. Light ripples off the water to create a sensuous play of reflections on the textured stone facade, while floating candles and flowers add further voluptuous touches. [By Catherine Slessor*]

Contract Value Diameter dependant
Location Non-site specific
Client Private
Date 2014 – 2016
Area Dependent on clients requirements
Design Team Paul McAneary Architects
Design Service From design concept to detailed design, interior design, structural design, furniture design, 3D visualisation