Light-Lever House

Light-Lever House

Intended to enlarge an existing family home in East Sheen, this project demonstrates what can be achieved within the scope of a more small-scale, permitted development that does not require planning permission.

Despite the apparently modest scale of the scheme, it still reflects a characteristically thoughtful synthesis of space and light. A single storey extension to the side of the main house is transformed into a pavilion-like outdoor room through a new glazed roof and glazed wall.

Exploring the idea of dematerialisation, a cunningly cantilevered roof structure makes the volume appear floating and weightless, suffusing the interior with natural light. The project emphasises the seamless connection of inside and out, opening up the house to the garden and letting spaces and atmospheres merge and interact. [By Catherine Slessor*]

Contract Value £226k

Location East Sheen, London

Client Private client – as faceted house 1

Date 2020

Area ±300m²

Design Team Paul McAneary Architects

Design Service Architecture, interior, glazing design, lighting design

Main Contractor Jonathan Shaw, Crane D&B ltd

Teak floor David McNeil, The Plank Co, The Plank Co

Sub Contractor Martin Thorz, London Glass and Glazing Ltd

Supplier Sunvista, Compass Glass Ltd

Awards Design Awards 2020 Living space Design of the Year Award

Press Grand Designs Magazine