Chariot Oil and Gas

Chariot Oil and Gas

Chariot Oil and Gas is an hydrocarbon exploration company headquartered in London’s Old Bond Street. This remodelling of their Mayfair premises rationalises the existing historic building while adding a series of new elements.

Alluding to the geological strata revealed in oil and gas exploration, subtly striated layers of stone add visual and textural interest to the interiors. As an explicit and poetic expression of Paul McAneary Architects’s concern with materials or ‘substance’ this also has other resonances – the capacity to endure, to be authentic, to lasting, to be timeless, age with grace and use, suffused with a pervading sense of weight and rigour.

Illuminated in a way that dramatically highlights the texture of the stone, the panels form a compelling intervention, powerfully emblematic of the transformation of the interior. [By Catherine Slessor*]

Contract Value Private

Location Mayfair, London

Client Chariot Oil & Gas Ltd

Date 2010

Area 276m²

Design Team Paul McAneary Architects

Supplier Direct Stone, Detail Lighting